At Aussie Brakes & Mechanical, we’re your local specialist in all-wheel-drive diesel dyno tuning on the Gold Coast for all types of 4WD vehicles, cars and SUV’s.

Our experience with vehicle care and attention to detail sets us apart from other workshops and diesel dyno tuners which is why we are a top choice on the Gold Coast.

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What is a custom all-wheel-drive dyno tune?

A custom all-wheel-drive dyno tune involves making adjustments, or ECU remapping (engine control unit) of the ‘car computer’, to improve the vehicles performance and reliability. This includes improvements to the cars torque, fuel economy and driveability.

This procedure is carried out by our experienced engine tuners, utilising our in-house dynamometer machine.

What is a Dyno?


A Dyno is a machine that measures force-torque plus other aspects of an engine’s performance.
A vehicle is driven onto the dyno to replicate on-road driving conditions at different speeds, RPM’s, elevations and loads. The dyno’s computer will record important engine readings and provide a report on the findings. Our technicians will then use these findings to make adjustments and improve the vehicles performance.

Why your 4WD vehicle needs dyno tuning

It’s important to regularly maintain your all-wheel-drive vehicle for increased torque, more horsepower at lower RPM’s, improved fuel economy and driveability. This will ultimately help improve your drive and the lifetime of your vehicle.

The benefits of a custom all-wheel dyno tune

Our dyno tune service gives the following benefits:

  • Around 25-35% more peak torque.
  • Around 25-35% more peak power.
  • Excellent gains in torque across all rev-ranges.
  • Reduced turbo diesel lag.
  • Complete throttle control on acceleration.
  • No more EGR related issues – clogged inlet manifold, provided that a catch can is also fitted.
  • Reduction in fuel usage by 5-10% – dependent on how efficiently the vehicle is driven.
  • Better and safer results than any generic and untunable “chip” on the market.
  • Your turbo diesel vehicle will feel better all round in terms of power/torque output, acceleration, smoothness and overall driveability.

Better performance for towing your caravan or trailer.

Safe and Reliable Diesel Tuning

Our custom dyno tuning provides the most efficient result with any risk to your vehicle’s engine.
We follow a strict set of procedures that follow manufacturers guidelines while producing the best performance and service outcome for your vehicle and your peace of mind that the job’s done right.

then chat to us about a custom dyno tune for your vehicle today!